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Anders Lagergren, President  安德斯. 勒格尔格瑞恩
Anders has been riding since he was a little boy. Andy is now managing a famous riding school in Stockholm with 60 horses. In addition he is training and compete in horse jumping and he has sold several hundred horses.

Anders has been educated at the national horse training school Stromsholm year 1999-2002. He was then training with the Sweden Head manager coach Sylve Soderstrand in horsejumping. After that he competes in the highest levels up to 150 cm jumping with extra ordinary results.

Anders has also worked as a horsetrainer/horsrider in the Netherlands at the famous Eric van der Vleuten and in Florida with Kate Levy.

Anders has a exams as a riding teacher and horse jumping coach. He is very appreciated as a coach and has the overall responsibility for over 500 trainers who comes to the riding school every week.

安德斯. 勒格尔格瑞恩
他在童年时候就已经跟他的家人在斯德哥尔摩成立了一个有60多匹马的马术中心。从1999年到2002年期间安德斯就读于国家体育学校,师从于国家马术队的队长叙尔威.苏德兰德; 安德斯在他的职业生涯里达到了策马腾跃1.5米高的最高水平。 他也曾经作为荷兰世界杯骑师易瑞科.文德维伦顿的副骑师,之后也在美国的佛罗里达作为凯德.莱文的副骑师。 安德斯也是获得资格认证的骑师和马术教练。他的马术训练指导被中青年极其欣赏,并且他还管理马术学校,也参与教学。每个星期来他的马术学校上课至少有500多名学生。


Ellen Liv, President of China

Ellen Liv has been working at Stockholm People’s University until 2015 and has been China consultant to the Swedish Quality Horse Company. Ellen is also the president of the China-Sweden Friendship Association and the vice president of the Sweden’s Chinese National Association. Through a long period of contact with the Swedish horses, Ellen deeply understand the excellent quality of the Swedish horses and is very willing to bring these Swedish horses to China, altogether with you to enjoy the Swedish horse’s style. Ellen is chief of china representative office.

Ellen 在2015年以前一直工作于斯德哥尔摩人民大学,同时也一直担任瑞典名马公司的中国区顾问。 Ellen还是中瑞友好协会的会长, 瑞典华人总会的副会长。通过长时间与瑞典马匹的接触, Ellen深深懂得瑞典马匹的优秀品质,也很愿意把这些瑞典马匹带到中国, 和大家一起领略瑞典马匹的风采。
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刘春旭   Ellen Liv 职务:
中国区负责人 微信号:ellen-999 电子邮箱:cxxf@live.cn
公司网址: www.sqh.se



Lars Sundvall, Chairman 劳什 松德瓦
Lars is consultant that has worked for large enterprises in Sweden and China. He worked two years for Ericsson in Beijing from 2010. In Beijing I saw a few Swedish horses and understood their quality and now I would like everybody to have the opportunity to have something as special as a Swedish horse with all the quality that comes from breeding to good training and food.



Sussanne Sundvall 苏珊娜 松德瓦
Sussanne has been riding for all her life. Mostly in training others horses in dressage. Sussannes family has a pony. Her daughter Julia is riding and also does competitions with the pony. Sussanne also lived in Beijing in 2010 and was also riding in there.
”I love horses, to talk with them, take care of the horse, understand their needs and ensure that the feeling well is important for me !”

苏珊娜 松德瓦